Monday, 4 April 2011

Dairy 15/3 - 4/4

Began to create my main website, started on the Welcoming page at first and actually established what my Charity will be about, so i have decided to do an environmental charity who's cause is to fight against Deforestation and keeping Nature in our world

Decided on all my other pages which will be 'Our Campaigns', 'Partners', 'Events' and 'Contact us'
Our campaigns - will be about what we are fighting for and explain what we do.
Partners - will be a list of other charities who support our cause with information about what they do.
Events - There will be small section on what will do to raise money by organising these events
Contact us - will have details on how to contact our charity and how to contact the other charities we are in partnership with.

Finally decided on a name for my charity, It will be called Green Republic.

Unloaded a video and my own photographed background on to my Welcome page, the Video shows a ground site which use to have vegetation growing on it which has been completely dug up.

Our campaigns page has been filled in with text about what we do and I have uploaded a background and pictures to go with it.

Worked on the Partners page, made a list of 5 charities we support and got information about what there cause was, also used one of my photo graphs for the background

the Events page has also had a background filled in on it and I a long paragraph of text has been written in, Quite a small page but useful.

Went over all my pages to clear up any mistakes and finished my Contact us page, found the contact information for the charities we support and put in on the page as well our own details. Also my own photo for the background was used.

Went over all my pages again to add different bits of small detail, ended up changing a few bits.

photo shopped some titles to be used on my pages

changed how my pages will be formatted in a more formal way

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