Tuesday, 10 May 2011

School website research


The Bishop Justus home page has its school name shown well and clear, with its Logo. Writing is also very formal.
Here is a slideshow shown in the near centre of the homepage. Also showing extra parts of related to the school.
The links to the other pages connect to the school are shown also very clearly and easy to use.
And the colour of the homepage is a colour of knowledge and power and is seen very formal and matches with the colour schemes.
The rest of the Links are connected to applications and information on the school. This is positive to see in the school site. It also has the welcoming message from the headmaster. Even though not a lot has been said in the welcome message.

Bullers Wood Logo and school name shown right at the top. As well as the Links to the other pages right underneath and with address and number in the top right had corner. Shows how official it is.
The colour on the right and left hand side do not seem to match the Blue colour. But the dark blue is a proper colour to use.
Here are 2 videos to show more of Bullers Wood and it is shown quite clearly to the general public.
The home homepage is covered in Information and news that it is quite efficient and it has been spread around accordingly.

 Eton college name and Logo are quite small and out of the way. But it leaves a lot more space for other use.
The large slideshow shows a lot expressional subjects. Showing colour and interesting, different activities.
The colour of the homepage is very plain and doesn’t not appeal to the public as much.
The homepage as a very good date system, telling you news and has a dairy.

The school name and Logo are shown very well and the school name is shown as a real photo which is more appealing and different.
Here is a positive message from the headmaster, shown very formal.
The colours of Dark blue and white go well together but it is a plain look..
The website is filled with Information and news, what all good school homepages should have 

Survey Pie charts

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Final marking

John - you've not handed in your websites, so marking couldn't be done. This is urgent now.
Your blog must be written according to the list on the front page of the website - every item must be dealt with, carefully, and this gives you marks - in some places easy marks. Don't throw them away.