Thursday, 3 March 2011

Main website Brief

My main website is planned to be a small charity organisation. We will be working towards raising money for certain charities by organising events to raise awareness. The first of my 4 pages will be the welcoming page. On this will be our Name and Logo for our organisation as well as a list of charities we are raising money for.

The second page will be the Homepage, this will be filled in Information and news about certain events being planned, being something related to Music or sport.  As well as Links to the charities websites we are helping. It will also be filled with Pictures and a video of our past event to raise money. Including a welcoming message to anyone who reads.

There will be links to information of the charities on a page. This will be to aware people of what these charities are for and have done. Including their history as a charity and what cause do that fight for the most. I will get pictures of their buildings or of something symbolic that relates to what their charities about.

And the last page will be on the events we will be planning to raise money for the charities. This will include marathons, organised musical Gigs and sports. All being done in the cause to raise money. I this will also be filled with pictures of people taking place in these events.

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